A Look Into College Basketball Sponsorships

Two things to start off with:

  1. Shout out to my dad for being such a hard worker and being successful. Because of his hard work, he has made connections that have greatly benefitted me in this blog.

Anyways, I have been really excited to share this post with yall. I was able to talk with Mike Shepherd, the Director of Basketball Operations at the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER). Mike was working the same position at UNLV while current University of Oklahoma head coach Lon Kruger was there. He and his wife became good friends with our family, and was kind enough to talk to me a bit about what he does and how sponsorships work with college basketball teams.

GVSGGWKMUPETUWF.20151015181350.jpgWhat Mike does is basically make sure everything is being done within the team and NCAA rules, coordinates recruiting visits, helps schedule non-conference games, team travel, and the main reason I wanted to talk to him, working with the equipment manager and sponsors.

The first thing I talked to him about was how OU Basketball is one of the few Nike Elite schools. Nike Elite is the line of basketball shoes, socks, clothing, and everything else that Nike makes specifically and only for basketball. The difference between other Nike sponsored schools and a Nike Elite schools is that the gear is Nike Elite, not just Nike’s general basketball gear. The equipment they are given is a bit better, this is due to how popular and successful the Nike Elite schools are. Nike works with the school and they decide what direction they want to go in with the OU brand and what they will be wearing each season. This includes what the players will be wearing on the court, during practice, and off the court.


Before the 2015-16 season, Nike worked together with   seniors  Buddy Hield (currently playing for the Sacramento Kings), Isiah Cousins, and Ryan Spangler got to help design current shoe models for the team. The shoes had to match the school colors, so obviously the crimson red was the main color. The three seniors decided to go with a cream color along with crimson and then chose a high-top and a low-top shoe. How awesome would that be to help choose the shoes your top 10 NCAA basketball ranked team got to wear?! Not only did they get to help with the shoes, but Nike liked them so much that they based the uniforms for that season around those designs!

It was awesome to hear about what Nike does with their top schools, and Mike was so helpful with all the questions that I had.

If there’s anything else you guys would like for me to blog about, let me know! Follow me on all social media, and lets make the world better one sneaker at a time!


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