These Ugly Sneakers Are Changing The Way Shoes Will Be Made Forever

Ya know those few things in life that are just UGLY? Those things you see and think “man, why would anyone want one of those?” Well, the new Nike Vapormax may be ugly, but they are going to change the way shoes are made

The Vapormax is part of the Nike’s line of Air Max sneakers. Air Max’s were a revolution in the ’80’s and have been one of the most beloved lines since they came out. Nike has been celebrating “Air Max Day” on March 26 every year since 2015, and this years event was bigger than ever. With celebrations around the world in South Korea, London, New York, and a few other places, Nike needed to release a sneaker that would live up to the celebrations. So, they decided to release a revolutionary shoe that took 7 years to make. SEVEN YEARS. 

Sole Collector says that the Vapormax is the “most progressive Air Max” and is dubbed by Nike as the “pinnacle of air.” Now, why is it so amazing? According to Sole Collector,  the Vapormax is “the first foamless Air Max Unit to operate as an uncaged, holistic, standalone outsole that maintained its form through elasticity.” Basically, the upper part of the shoe and the sole of the shoe have nothing in between them. All other Air Max models have a foam piece in between the upper and the air unit.

In other words, your literally walking on air. Nike-Air-VaporMax-On-Foot-1

Now, I’m sure you might be thinking “Well, won’t it pop?” Sneaker News tells us about the testing of the shoe: “Whether in the Nike laboratories or on the trails in Colorado during preliminary wear-test runs, the VaporMax was tested for all conditions and scenarios to assure maximum performance and durability. In fact, the number of miles the model was collectively ran in would be over five trips around the Earth!

I was super duper excited and happy to be able to get a pair. They should be delivered to me today, and I am SO EXCITED. Oh, btw, the Vapormax is a unisex shoe, so even the ladies can rock ’em.


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