How to Know What Sneakers Come Out When: The Top 3 Sneaker Websites

Saturday is always a special day for sneaker heads. Every week multiple sneakers are released in-store and online on Saturday. With between 5-10 sneakers dropping weekly, it is hard to keep up with them all. These 3 websites, shown on Complex’s 25 Best Sneaker Blogs, will help you stay on top of the game.

1. Sole Collector

w0bxxnjqfcuvkmzqwo9a is an OG in the sneaker game. The website, which used to be a magazine, has a newsfeed that “differs from many other sites thanks to a more journalistic approach to finding stories about the business side of sneakers to complement the new release info”, according to Complex.

2. Nice Kicks

1200-NiceKicks-x-adidas-NMD-PK-2 is so popular, they got to collaborate with Adidas on an NMD model. According to Complex, Nice Kicks “feature stories and exclusive interviews, on top of some of the best sneaker content on YouTube makes them one of the best sites around.”

3. Sneaker News

sneakernews-logo-one-line.png is used predominately to cover new releases. Complex says “On top of the news, they always have high-quality imagery and solid feature stories to go with. Not to mention, Sneaker News, The Magazine, which taken the spot of Sole Collector magazines for those of us still fighting to keep print alive.”

These three sites are used by me at least once a day. Being able to stay on top of the news and what is happening is the best way to get what is coming out. Whether it is wanting the newest sneakers or just an update on the industry, check these sites out for the best results.


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