Choosing the Right Shoe for your Workout

“Injury caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness or weight loss attempt. Investing in a quality shoe can help you to prevent foot and ankle damage, and make your workout a more pleasant and comfortable experience.”

Let me ask you a question. Would you go to a really important business pitch meeting in pajamas? Unless you are pitching an idea for some pretty awesome new sleep wear, the answer is no. So, why would you go to the gym, play basketball, or go for a jog in a pair of shoes that is not benefiting you at all and could possibly injure you? Since one of my pet peeves is seeing people running in basketball shoes, I thought I would help the world by helping them know how to choose the right shoe for your workout.

Running Shoes

The single most important factor to picking the right running shoe is by finding what type of sole is best for you. The three main types of soles are:

Natural – flexible, dynamic

Responsive – Springy, lightweight

Cushioned – Soft and plush

From what I see must runners wearing, they prefer the natural sole. Natural soles will help you by making it feel like you are running without shoes on, while keeping your feet safe. Usually the soles are smaller with a lot of flexibility and not to cushiony. An example of a natural sole is the Nike Free RN. If you are wanting a natural feel with a more responsive sole, check out the Adidas Pure Boost. Oh, and btw, there are 10 different styles of the Nike Free RN that are on clearance plus 20% off on at the moment (use code take20 at checkout)!freerndistanceflex

Responsive soles are my favorite. Since I am a big guy, I need shoes that will support me and keep my feet comfortable. Responsive soles will absorb the pressure that comes from your foot, then pushing it out. My all time favorite sole is the Nike Zoom sole, which is on a plethora of shoes. I currently wear the Nike Zoom All Out Flyknit, and it is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn for workouts! Plus, they are also 20% off their clearance price at the moment as well!nike-air-zoom-all-out-flyknit-quickstrike-debut-3

Cushioned shoes are for people that want a light, fluffy sole with not much response. Any of the Adidas shoes that have the Boost sole are a great shoe for you! has an article outlining some of the best cushioned shoes for runners, which you can read here.adiads-ultra-boost-new-colorways-3

Weight Lifting/Training

When you are lifting weights, you need to make sure you have shoe that has a super supportive sole. Wearing a cushiony soled shoe will not help you, seeing as you will be sinking down towards the floor. If you’re a serious weight lifter, get some Olympic weightlifting shoes! If you are looking for something cheaper, Converse Chuck Taylor’s are a great shoe as well. If you are lifting weights, but more of doing it as training (such as crossfit) find a shoe that you will be comfortable doing everything in. The Nike Metcon is a crazy popular shoe for crossfit, along with any of the shoes made by Reebok, seen here.

Other than what has been said above, if you are playing a certain sport, GET SHOES THAT ARE MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT SPORT, DANG IT!

Obviously I know most people cannot afford shoes for every event, but do your best. Wearing the right shoe can change the way you feel about yourself while exercising and will increase the quality of those workouts.

Now, go to and use that code to get 20% off all their clearance! Let me know what you get, and tell me what shoes you love and how awesome they are.


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