How Shoes Made Me [feel] Skinny

Guess what everyone? I currently weigh 245 lbs! 


Wanna know another secret? I don’t like that I weigh that much!

I like to eat. I like to eat crappy food. I like to watch Netflix and play a lot of Xbox.

Even though I am not proud of my body, I am incredibly proud of the fact that I can admit that I am over weight and still be confident in myself. The way that I gain that confidence has been through wearing awesome sneakers. The funny part about it is that I didn’t know that my love for footwear was because of my body.

In 4th grade, I got a pair of white Reeboks. The first time I wore them to school, I wanted to show everyone how awesome they were. The only way to do that as a 4th grader was to show everyone how much faster they made me. I was over weight, wore the “husky” size pants from old navy. Basically, the only time I felt fast was when I got new shoes. So, I got my best friend Beebs and raced him. Beebs was and always has been fast, but this time, he only BARELY beat me. Thanks to those white Reeboks, I felt good about myself. I may not have won that race (and never will), but that moment I forgot about how slow I was, and only focused on how fast I was.

Fast forward to 5th grade. It was time for new shoes (to be honest, that time came around every 3 months thanks to me destroying my shoes on purpose so I could get new ones). Thanks to the world’s greatest dad who encouraged all his kids to do what they love, when he found out I needed new shoes, he made an event out of it. Friday after school, he borrowed my uncle’s dark blue Porsche Carrera. We went to the mall and started looking for the Nike Huarache 2k4. First stop, Foot Locker. “Sorry guys, we won’t have those till tomorrow!” said the referee-shirt-wearing salesman. Next stop was Champs Sports. We walked in, turned to the wall of shoes, and they were there! Pretty sure I got a size 7 and wore them out the store. I was so FREAKING happy. I was gonna ball up on the court during recess. My dad had to stop at the office afterward, so I went in with him. Every single person that worked there commented on my shoes and how cool they were. It is one of THE greatest memories I have. And yes, I schooled everyone on the court while wearing them.8545430940_38c06a9b80_b.jpg

These memories are the foundation of my passion for sneakers. I have always been self-conscious of my body, but sneakers are my way of feeling confident.

Find what makes you confident, then obsess over it.

What are the “sneakers” in your life? Let me know what they are and how they help you!

Btw, Foot Locker now has those Huaraches!


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