Evolution of the Yeezy


How many of you reading this really care about him? To be honest, I am not his biggest fan. His music is good, he’s definitely a great producer, but I just am not a fan of his personality. Ya, I get that his confidence has most to do with his success. But, I prefer the humble-successful celebs.

Although I may not like Ye, I love his taste in shoes. He has changed the fame multiple times, with multiple brands. Here is the revolution of the “Yeezy”.

Nike Air 180 “College Dropout”Image result for nike air 180 college dropoutThese were made for Kanye in 2006 for his debut album. Per Highsnobiety.com, the shoe “was available only in his own size 12 as a highly exclusive friends-and-family release.” These represented Kanye perfectly at the time, using the same bright colors and leopard print that showed loudness, along with the signature teddy bear on the tongue.

A Bathing Ape Bapesta FS 001 “Dropout Bear”Image result for A Bathing Ape Bapesta FS 001 “Dropout Bear”

The Bapesta was Kanye’s first collab with a company that released to the public in December 2006. According to Sneakernews.com, “The collab saw a very limited release, leaving many fans of the shoe empty-handed but, along with the pairs that were floating around the web, quite a few pairs of the sought after Bapesta were available when RSVP Gallery opened in Chicago a few years back.”

Kanye West x Reebok S. CarterImage result for Kanye West x Reebok S. Carter

These shoes surprised everyone, due to them not being super hyped up as a release. Today these are only popular because, well, they are from Kanye.

Nike Air Yeezy

Image result for nike air yeezy 1

2009 first started the “Yeezy” shoes that would become some of the most sought after shoes in the resell market (current price is $3,000+ via FlightClub.com). Ye first debuted these during his performance in the 2008 Grammy awards. NiceKicks.com talks about the performance saying “The music and the shoe both left their mark and both received acclaim.”

Kanye West x Louis VuittonImage result for kanye west louis vuitton don

In 2009, right after Nike’s collab, Louis Vuitton announced and later released 3 different silhouettes that they collaborated on with Kanye. Each of the shoes were named after close friends of Kanye’s, on of them being Don C, who has collaborated with Jordan Brand for crazy popular releases.

Nike Air Yeezy 2Image result for nike air yeezy 2

The second installment of the “Yeezy” is the most desirable of all for sneakerheads. SneakerNews.com talks about the initial hype around these saying “Some Yeezy fans even entered raffles for shops in other cities, won, and then bought a plane ticket and flew to pick them up.” These are currently selling for approximately $5,750. If you have an extra 6 grand lying around, hook me up with the “Red October” color way!

Adidas Originals Yeezy BoostImage result for yeezy boost collection

In 2014, Kanye left Nike after not being treated how he wanted to be treated. So, he went to Nike’s biggest rival: Adidas. He then went on to release the Yeezy Boost 750 (top left) as his first collab with the company. Later on, he released the 350’s, 950’s, and most recently the 350 V2. All of these can be found for thousands of dollars in resell stores and online, but can also be seen often on the public’s feet. Since joining Adidas, Kanye has taken over the fashion wold, not just sneakerheads. He can thank the Yeezy Boost for that.

Would you ever spend $6,000 on a pair of shoes? Probably not. What about $500? Kanye’s shoes are just a few examples of what kind of prices shoes for resell cost. Let me know what shoes you wish you had in the comments, and follow my social media accounts!


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